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      Hello all,

      We have started working on some lottery improvements in party. Our first pass at leveling the playing field will be to weight those people who have not won over those who have won recently.

      We can’t give away the precise algorithm we’ll be using, but it goes something like:

      If three people (a, b, and c) bid to get into the lottery, and nobody has won yet, then each person gets one vote, and has a 33% chance of winning.

      a = 1 votes (33% chance)
      b = 1 votes (33% chance)
      c = 1 votes (33% chance)

      Let’s say A wins.

      The next time the lottery opens up, the same three people enter again, person a will have 0 votes (since they just got heard) and the other two people will have 2 votes each, giving each of them a 50% chance to win.

      a = 0…

      sigmundsstrangedream commented  · 

      I agree with this- and also acknowledge that the queuing system might not work as well when there is little to no traffic. However, I hope that something can be done about this- it's very discouraging to wait for feedback on your music, which is what I think most of us are in the listening party for. We'd all like the chance to critique those in the room and have our music critiqued. Throwing random music into the mix decreases chat about the music and increases chat about the lottery itself. I think changing the lottery system would be a good move for the website. Thanks for listening to my two cents!

      sigmundsstrangedream supported this idea  · 

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