Creating/Editing Your Profile

Congrats on signing up for an Indaba Membership and welcome to the community!

Here is how you will set and edit your profile:

First click on the "Edit Profile"  button under the "Profile Picture" or the "Edit" button next to your username in the top right corner.Drop an image that you would like as your profile picture from your computer or click to upload a photo from a file on your computer for your profile picture. Enter your name, artist name/moniker, birthday, location,a brief biography, influences, instruments you play, genres of your music, and equipment you use. You can edit these sections any time you like. 

You will notice there are 5 tabs on the left had side under you Profile Picture:

The "Overview" tab is all of your basic artist information (as described above).

Once you participate in the various opportunities, tracks will appear in your "Submissions" tab. You can only edit/delete submitted tracks while the submission period is still open.

In the "Votes" tab, will be displayed your votes for other tracks, sorted by opportunity. 

In the "Network"  tab, you can find your followers and artists who you are following. 

The "Soundcloud" tab is where you can attach your Soundcloud link (if applicable) so that other Indaba Artists can check out your other tracks not featured on the Indaba site.

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